Digital Photography - How To Use Old Photos To Make Money

Published: 27th August 2010
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If you have a passion for photography there are many ways that you can turn that passion into a lucrative business. For example, you can sell your own photos or another popular way is to repurpose old photographs.

Believe it or not but old photos are very popular and depending on the image and the quality they can fetch a lot money. The first place to look for old photos and images is in the home and the best place is usually the attic. The place where we like to store away our past. Up there you can probably find an abundant array of lost treasures. These can be old photo albums documenting years gone by. They do not have to be old photographs as old newspaper cuttings of fascinating pictures can also be used to restore.

It is better to do this sooner rather than later because time is not on your side. Many of the materials used particularly in the past to store photographic images are perishable and will fade with time. Today, we have the technology to copy and preserve them for prosperity and future generations so, do not waste the opportunity.

The first stage to restoring old images is to scan the images from your scanner and transfer them on to your computer. You can then use your photo editing software like Photoshop to work your creative magic.

If you have come across old images that are not connected with your family then you will need to be wary of copyright infringement. The images may be the property of another photographer. The best thing to do if you are in doubt of its origins is to speak to an attorney who is a specialist in copyright infringement issues. This advice will also help you protecting your own property.

If you are not motivated to climb up and into your dusty old attic then the following reasons may change your mind:

There are many stores both on the high street and online that are selling old fashioned images for quite a lot of money. This photo niche is in high demand.

You are doing a great service by preserving our social history by restoring your old photographs

Old photos are very similar to wine because they look better as they age. This also means that you do not have to make a lot of changes to the image.

The reason why old photos look amazing is because they look great framed and hanging on the wall. For example, old black and white images look stunning encircled with a white background and black frame.

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